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Tax Planning

Year-Round Expert Tax Planning

Many people assume a successful tax season is filing correctly and on time. If you want to get the most out of your taxes, however, proactive tax planning throughout the year can help you stay ahead of your tax obligations, keep more of your income, and use your return strategically to prepare you for a healthy financial future.

At Roth and Associates Accounting for Small Businesses, Inc., Michael Roth has over four decades of experience helping individuals and business owners plan for the upcoming tax season throughout the year with effective tax strategies. From evaluating your current liabilities to identifying new deductions, tax specialist Michael Roth can help you make the most of your future returns starting today. Contact our firm to schedule your complimentary one-hour consultation!

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The Advantages of Hiring Our Tax Specialist

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Life changes can significantly impact your taxes. From purchasing a house or having a baby to selling property, your tax obligations can quickly change. When income is modified by a new job or the merger of your business it can create a need for the strategic evaluation of your current tax plan to help you save more money.

With the rise of online tax filing services and convenient chain tax firms, completing your return can seem like an easy, hassle-free process. However, the lack of consistent communication with a tax professional throughout the year can put you at a disadvantage when it comes time to file. Without professional guidance, you could lose out on possible deductions, fail to organize your documents, and face unnecessary liabilities or penalties. In some situations, failure to account for important changes can lead to problems with the IRS, leading to costly penalties in the future.

By choosing our firm for assistance in strategic tax planning, you receive the guidance of our financial expert. We can help make tax season an opportunity for financial growth rather than loss.

Strategic Tax Planning in Rochester

At Roth and Associates Accounting for Small Businesses, Inc., our Rochester tax professional specializes in individual and business tax planning. Beginning with an in-depth evaluation of your current tax situation, our highly-qualified financial expert develops a comprehensive strategy for lowering your liabilities. This proactive approach to tax planning ensures that your tax situation is always working to your advantage.

When tax season approaches, we complete and file your income tax return, as well as any other required forms. We then review this information with you to develop strategies to reduce your liabilities for the upcoming year. For self-employed individuals or those with unique business tax situations, Michael offers service recommendations to create a more comprehensive strategy that limits future tax complications.

Adopting efficient tax planning techniques can help you keep more of your income. To learn more about individual and business tax planning in Rochester, contact Roth and Associates Accounting for Small Businesses, Inc. today.

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