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Tax Preparation

Getting the Most Out of Your Tax Preparation

Whether you’re filling out a quarterly 941 for your business or trying to make sense of your year-end taxes, tax filing is often a stressful and time-consuming process. With tax laws constantly changing, it’s all too easy to miss out on valuable deductions and exemptions you might qualify for, which means you pay more in taxes than you owe.

Roth and Associates Accounting for Small Businesses, Inc. helps you avoid all this by handling your tax preparation. We examine your financial situation in detail, looking for every opportunity to lower your tax liability legally. With offices in Rochester and Lexington, we’re available to help you where and when it’s convenient for you.

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Tax Preparation for Your Business

When you bring your business tax filing to us, we handle all the heavy lifting. From sifting through months of financial data to searching for saving opportunities, you can count on us to handle every aspect of your filing. Simply provide us with your data and let us do the rest. This, in turn, allows you to invest your time in growing your business and doing things you enjoy.

We also work with many small business owners to build a solid tax strategy they can use throughout the year, ensuring that most of the hard work is done long before tax season. Many of the deductions we find can be used on future filings, enabling you to save even more. We’ll help you develop and optimize record-keeping and organizational processes, making your financial records easy to find when you need them.

Professional Help for Your Tax Filing

w-2 document for income tax filing

Business owners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from professional insight. We’ve worked with individuals in various tax brackets, and we know that even the smallest savings can make a big difference for your financial security.

Your financial situation is unique and constantly changing, which can make it difficult to navigate tax filing and find all the deductions and exemptions you qualify for. With our firm, you can expect our experienced professionals to focus on your case and deliver solutions and strategies that are the best fit for you. With us handling your filing, you can rest assured that your taxes are filled out correctly and filed on time.

Year-Round Support for Your Taxes

At Roth and Associates Accounting for Small Businesses, Inc., we’re here for more than just tax season. Whether you need help with tax planning, filing, accounting, or simple financial advice, our experienced accountants are ready and waiting to help.

Don’t let your tax filing get the better of you. Get trusted insight from our firm when you schedule a consultation today.

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